About Us


Who we are

At Carkats, we are committed to revolutionizing pest management across various industries, addressing the persistent challenges posed by rat infestations.
Our dedication tosuperior service sets us apart, ensuring your peace of mind and a rat-free environment.

We believe in coexisting with nature and preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Our mission aligns with this ethos, offering innovative solutions that deter pests without causing harm.

Carkats is on a steadfast mission to provide comprehensive and uncomplicated rat repellent solutions to industries of all kinds. Our unwavering focus lies in delivering top-tier
quality and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Our Diverse Product Range:
Discover the world of Carkats, where innovation and excellence converge. Our product categories cater to both indoor and outdoor needs:

– Ultrasonic Rat and Rodent Pest Repellents – Tailored for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial spaces (1500SQ, 2500SQ, 3500SQ)

Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Carkats, our team of dedicated professionals excels in both hardware and software R&D, shaping our products through independent research and development. We take
pride in our numerous patents and designs, a testament to our commitment to innovation.

Our Certifications Speak Volumes:
We hold certifications that underscore our commitment to quality and excellence:
– Brand Trademark Registered
– Product Design & Patent Registered
– GST Certificate Registered
– MSME & UDYAM Registered
– ISO 9001:2022 IAF Certified